John Corn & Alex Blade

Duration: 21:49 Views: 3.1K Submitted: 2 months ago Year: 2022
Description: Models John Corn (aka Dominik Havel), Alex Blade. Cute young twink John Corn is sitting on the sofa whacking his rock-hard cock and not paying attention when Alex Blade comes thru the door. Alex becomes an instant voyeur and starts rubbing the growing bulge in his pants while he enjoys the show. He makes his way over to the sofa and sits down by John. Alex grabs ahold of John's cock and continues stroking it, allowing John to enjoy the feeling. Alex leans over, licks the head of John's cock and then goes down on it. John leans back, strips off his shirt and Alex follows suit. Alex is very turned on by John's ripped chest and abs. He leans over and starts licking and sucking on John's nipple before returning to blowing John's thick piece of meat. Alex kneels onto the sofa with his hot, naked ass pointed in John's direction. John gives Alex a few light slaps on the rump and then drives his dick straight into Alex's eager hole. Alex is really getting into his ass-pounding. He starts grinding up and down on John's pole while his own hard-on is flopping between his legs. In the end Alex is half laying on the sofa and half laying on the floor as John continues pounding his ass. John is the first to lose it, he pulls out and blows a thick load of cum all over Alex's toned chest. Seeing John squirt sends Alex over the edge and his cock squirts load after load of creamy jizz all over his ripped abs.