Christian Hermes & Nick Starlight

Duration: 15:32 Views: 2.2K Submitted: 2 months ago Year: 2022
Description: Are you ever really too tired to fuck? Christian and Nick are in the locker room, trying to figure out what to do now that their practice is over. They are tired, so maybe just a shower, perhaps a massage. But after Christian suggests Nick suck his dick, being tired was no longer on their minds. Christian drops his shorts, and Nick drops to his knees. He takes Christian's cock in his mouth and starts to take care of his teammate. Christian helps him by grabbing his head and fucking his skull. He then takes a seat on the bench for more head before propping Nick up against the lockers and filling his hole with cock. Nick's head bangs against the locker with every stroke. Christian takes a seat and lets Nick ride his dick while he strokes himself. He then bends his buddy over the bench and fucks his ass until Nick's back is covered in warm cum.