Mitch Takes Control (Mitch and Roman)

Duration: 25:03 Views: 7.9K Submitted: 2 years ago Year: 2021
Description: I'm hardpressed to think of two guys who've had more chemistry recently than Mitch and Roman - the fact that they're so incredibly in to one another and wanted to fuck so badly made their first pairing tremendously hot, and made it an absolute must we get them paired up again. It was also an absolute must we flip things around with this one - letting Mitch bury that hot dick of his in Roman's hole! Mitch loves to get fucked, and the way to his heart is obviously through that flawless ass of his. But he has a hot dick, was eager to use it, and Roman was the perfect candidate to take a ride on Mitch's cock given how in to one another these guys are. Roman thoroughly enjoyed drilling Mitch's hole the last time these two studs had a go at one another, but there's no doubt at all he's loving being on the receiving end of things this time around - we hear moans, whimpers, groans, and grunts that we've never heard from him before as his ass gets pumped by Mitch's dick, and the load Mitch fucks out of him is a massive one.