Draining Caine's Chain

Duration: 25:20 Views: 5.8K Submitted: 2 years ago Year: 2019
Description: (Models Alan Caine, Justin Stone). Cute Justin Stone probably should have taken the laptop to his room before watching porn, but then again he wouldn't have been caught by his roommate Alan Caine if he had. It's a common scenario between boys, one catching the other feeling horny and it leading to a little bit of fun, but while porn might instigate a friendly wank between buddies a lot of the time Alan isn't shy about offering his friend his incredibly long cock to suck. His dong is delicious, so long and tasty, it's no wonder blond boy Justin gets his lips around it the moment it's swinging in the open. He's clearly learned a thing or two from the porn he likes to watch, he's a talented dick slurper who knows how to work such a big boner, but Alan is soon eager to show that he's no slouch when it comes to giving good head. After swapping cocks and some rimming of lucky Alan's boy hole it's Justin's pucker that gets the kind of filling he was hoping to watch on the screen. He slides his naked rump down on his buddy, riding Alan's awesome length while his own cock bounces around with delight. The feel of that impressive dick inside him is great, but it's even better when he's bent over the couch and getting it good and deep from behind. Giving his buddy complete control to spoon him on the rug the two are soon approaching the final messy moments of their afternoon encounter, their moans of climactic pleasure growing as Alan slides his bareback cock out of his friend and heads up to his waiting face. Blond boy Justin loves the taste of fresh cum erupting over him, sucking the last of the juice from his friend's cock and wanking himself into a frenzy. With jizz over his lips and his own milky goo pumped out over his slim pale body Justin is finally relieved, and no doubt glad he was caught trying to rub one out at the kitchen table.