Grayson's Joyride (Grayson & Blake)

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Description: Grayson's getting welcomed to Las Vegas in style – by getting blown on the way to the studio! Grayson is a handsome, 25 year old with a great, worked-out body and eyes that almost seem to shine. Grayson is pretty musical – he plays guitar and piano, and is in a couple of bands – we seem to be finding a lot of hot musicians lately! Grayson works out at least once every day, and loves to work out his chest and abs. It shows, too. He was 17 when he first had sex. A girl at the restaurant he worked at took him home and broke him in. He said she did all the work, so he's not sure how good he was. We'll have to put him to the test! As Pete and the crew drive Grayson down the Strip, they talk about how often Grayson jacks off (a lot) and what he likes to think about (memories of things he's done, like the time he did three girls at once). Since Grayson hasn't jerked off in three days, he's ready to nut – and since Blake is on hand, and both guys get turned on by doing things in public, Blake goes down on Grayson as the car rolls down the Strip. I'll shut up and let you enjoy this – just remember, the next time you're on the Strip and see an SUV rolling by – you never know what could be going on inside! Like Grayson, someone in the backseat could be getting the joyride of their life. Welcome to Vegas and Corbin Fisher, Grayson!