Brad T - Casting #619

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Description: Newcomer Brad has just flown in from Michigan to try his hand at some gay porn. The casting director loves those Midwestern guys, so he got an all expense paid trip to Florida just to get fucked up the ass on camera. Like a lot of guys who are interested in doing porn, Brad swings both ways, but he primarily swings toward the opposite sex. That's fine by us, as long as he can suck a mean dick when he wants to! The ride to the studio from the airport definitely raises the expectations on his BJ abilities, too, since he confesses that he is a fanatic for blowjob porn vids. When he isn't watching sex on his computer, but actually having sex, he says he likes it rough. Brad thinks he is made for sex. We will all find out once he is on the Raw Casting couch! Brad has an intricate sleeve tattoo. He is quite proud of it, and he plans on inking his entire body up some day. He certainly has gotten a good start. He has many tats on various parts of his body. His body itself is decent shape - he is definitely a good looking guy, just the kind of guy we like to cast. He attempted to do porn once before, but he says that he and the producer didn't get along, and that he got stranded out of town. That's good news for us, because that means his ass is still virgin tight! Although he has messed around, he has never had a guy fuck him before, he says. There’s a first time for everything, and it looks like Brad’s first time will be on camera. Once the action starts, Brad stays hard sucking cock, and he does a fairly good job using his mouth as a pleasure tool. He wraps the casting director's entire cock inside his hand and mouth. The way Brad gives a blowjob seems to be with the intent to get a nut in his mouth as quickly as possible. Are there still gloryholes in Michigan, anyone? Maybe he gets a lot of practice. Once he is getting barebacked, though, he puts up a bit of resistance and complains mildly. The casting is fucking him at a normal pace at first, and Brad exclaims, "You're gonna fuck the freckles off my butt!" After a bit of time, though, it gets easier. He gets barebacked like a little bitch in missionary position, riding, and bent over the couch. It's when he is flat on his stomach with his ass in the air, though, when he looks his best. Brad cums first, and then the casting guy cums all over his ass. In regards to losing his butt virginity, he says that it was painful at first but not too bad. It looks like we have another successful recruit!