Home Gym Lovers Sc. 1

Duration: 26:44 Views: 1.5K Submitted: 1 week ago Year: 2022
Description: (Calum Dean, Nick Fox). Calum Dean’s home gym is a bit of a boy-magnet – and it’s the equipment between his legs that’s getting the keenest attention, as you’ll quickly discover when young Nick Fox arrives for a workout in this terrific set-piece. Fact is it’s no time at all before Nick’s abandoned the weights in favour of his buddy’s handsome ramrod; falling to his knees and devouring every inch of throbbing flesh with gusto. Suffice it to say it’s not long before Calum’s got the lad just where he wants him for a hardcore workout, with legs akimbo and ready to take dick like his very life depends on it. Cue a fabulously sweaty session of rampant fornication that soon has both lads spewing furiously, and which will have you jerking like crazy time and again!