Taylor Blaze and Gera Rihter

Duration: 27:13 Views: 1.6K Submitted: 1 month ago Year: 2021
Description: Taylor Blaze and Gera Rihter heat things up after walking home in the cold snow. They both head for the bed where the fondling and kissing begins. Taylor helps Gera out of his sweater and t-shirt before standing up on the bed. Gera starts nuzzling at Taylor's crotch as he reaches to unzip Taylor's jeans then pulls them down around his knees. Gera grabs ahold of the growing bulge in Taylor's underwear and quickly frees Taylor's engorged cock. Gera swallows up every last inch as he works its length in and out of his mouth, teasing it with his tongue. Taylor kneels down on the bed and reaches to unzip Gera's jeans. Gera's cock is straining to be free and as it springs straight up, Taylor woofs the whole thing down his throat. Gera spins around on the bed and points his ass in Taylor's direction. Taylor licks his fingers and as he spreads Gera's ass, he slowly inserts his fingers deep into Gera's tight hole. Taylor lubes up his own thick cock and mounts Gera from behind. Taylor slides his cock all the way in and immediately starts power-fucking Gera. The ass pounding continues for quite some time and then Gera rolls over on his back. He pulls his legs back and starts stroking his cock as Taylor continues plowing his ass. Wanting even more, Gera has Taylor lay down on the bed and he mounts Taylor's cock. He uses his ass muscles to work Taylor into a frenzy and almost has him cumming in his ass; but Taylor pulls out. Taylor stands up beside Gera and blows a thick, juicy load of cum all over Gera's face and mouth. Gera licks up what he can of Taylor's creamy jizz while the stroking of his own cock is about to pay off. He lets go, squirting all over his own abs and chest. The white cum glistens as it slowly drips down his tummy.