Mike Steed and Alex Blade

Duration: 21:03 Views: 1.6K Submitted: 2 months ago Year: 2021
Description: We find cute blond twink Alex Blade sitting in his comfy chair stroking himself when his buddy Mike Steed stumbles onto the scene. Mike catches himself at the door before Alex is aware he's being watched. Mike is turned on so he frees his own cock and starts jacking off while watching Alex pleasure himself. Mike can't hold back so he walks in; but Alex is not yet aware there's a hot young man standing in front of him masturbating his long, uncut cock, because his eyes are shut. Alex realizes with a start that Mike is standing there and he immediately spies Mike's huge boner. Alex leans forward and starts blowing Mike's cock. He's soon on the floor, sucking Mike's manhood while he continues jacking his own rock-hard dick. Alex lays back in the chair and pulls back his legs. His ass is exposed and Mike wastes no time filling it. He slowly pushes his thick cock deep into Alex's tight hole. Mike starts pounding Alex's ass harder and faster. Alex grabs his own cock and strokes just as hard and fast. The ass-pounding continues on the floor with Alex straddling Mike and riding his cock with his own dick flopping from side to side. Alex is close and as Mike's cock hits just that right spot, Alex erupts sending creamy white spooge all over Mike's chest and abs. Mike stands up next to Alex, takes his thick, hard cock in hand and finishes himself off coating Alex's tongue and lips with a nice helping of jizz. Alex licks the remaining cum from Mike's cock and Mike quivers from the sensation.