Grumpy Morning

Duration: 22:53 Views: 3.8K Submitted: 2 months ago Year: 2021
Description: (Models Valentin Meunier, Timeo Blondel). "A hot and passionate fucking session in the kitchen" The adorable Valentin Meunier got up early to make breakfast for Timeo Blondel. He’s all smiles and jock-straped as Valentin waits for Timeo to wake up, but the twink has obviously had a bad sleep and he's in a terrible mood. After having had a fight the two boys are going to reconcile in the most beautiful way by having a sex session as sensual as it is hot in the kitchen. Valentin starts by sucking Timeo's thick cock with passion, he tries to swallow it deep throat and the handsome blonde is delighted in this delicious moment. Timeo then flips Valentine to play with his little ass and gradually dilate his tight hole with tongue and fingers before fucking him wildly.