Quaranteen Boys (Andy Ford, Curtis Cameron)

Duration: 20:17 Views: 2.4K Submitted: 2 months ago Year: 2020
Description: The streets are eerily quiet as sexy young Andy Ford makes his way back home on his bike. The boy has been out on his daily exercise but although he's tired when he finally gets back to the bedroom and finds his friend Curtis Cameron lounging on the bed he's not going to say no to a little more exercise in the form of some hot BoyFun. Indeed, his cock seems to already be bulging in his snug red shorts, a tempting sight if ever we've seen one. Curtis certainly can't resist that package, enticing his friend into a sexy kiss before bulges are being groped and inches of hard young cock are being released. It goes without saying that these two smooth young guys are quite well suited to each other, not least because they have equally delicious lengths of uncut cock, throbbing with urgency as they each take their turn to suck and lick their friend. It seems Andy has already done plenty of riding today, it's his friend's turn to take a seat, impaling his naked pucker down on Andy's long bareback shaft, easing up and down on the meaty shape and loving every deep thrust. The pleasure only grows when Andy takes control, spooning his gorgeous boy and humping his impressive dick up into him before getting young Curtis on his back for an even deeper probing. It's no wonder the boy is soon ready to spill his seed, his prostate being massaged intensely by the naked wet erection pumping away deep in his hole. With both dicks bursting splashes of semen all over Curtis' smooth little body in a final release the two lovers are finally satisfied, perhaps being in quarantine isn't so bad after all.