Finn Wants to Flip Fuck

Duration: 26:18 Views: 3.3K Submitted: 2 months ago Year: 2020
Description: (Models Darin Boswell, Finn Harper). I don't think it's presumptuous to suggest that most viewers wouldn't hesitate to enjoy a flip flop fuck if either of these boys requested it, and it appears that although gorgeous Finn Wright is new to the notion of being anally penetrated he's eager to give his pal Darin Bowsell the first shot at that virgin hole during their session of afternoon BoyFun. As soon as Darin arrives the sight of his friend's perfect plump rump in his tight little undies has him hooked and he can't wait to ease his naked penis between those virgin cheeks, but you can imagine there's a lot more fun to be had before he's enticed his gorgeous buddy into such a thing. Soon both handsome boys are trading blow jobs, licking and sucking their friend's hard and throbbing dick, making each other drip and dribble precum while they swap their delicious dongs. When Finn turns his attention to his lover's hot little hole, fingering and lubing him up, we know he's going to go first. Darin takes it with ease, ever eager to feel a warm injection of manly pleasure inside him and joyously riding Finn's cock with his own bouncing and swinging, and when it comes time for Finn's super-tight hole to be punctured by penis for the first time he proves his eagerness to try, taking his lover's cock with determination. Indeed, he seems to like the new sensation, taking his turn to top again but finishing up with Darin's dick back inside his freshly fucked hole for the final stretch. Finn might not have known what to expect at the start but the thick mess of cum pumping from his prick to splash over his abs seems to confirm his exploration was welcomed. Darin is in agreement, pulling out to splash his heavy cock cream all over his boy's newly drained balls.