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Duration: 14:45 Views: 2.2K Submitted: 3 months ago Year: 2020
Description: (Models Sly Conan, Jean Pierre Noreau). Jean Pierre should have known better when his friend Sly brought him into this horny little dungeon, he should have certainly seen where this was going as his buddy shackled him into the wrist cuffs hanging from the ceiling. He's more than happy to become his pals plaything, it seems, his naked body soon being explored and his ass slapped and spanked. With a little toying of his slave boy's hole Sly is ready to give him his cock, lowering him for some good face fucking. The boy knows how to service a dick, that's for sure. His mouth works that meat with skill until his ass is backing up and that naked piece of fuckmeat is crammed deep inside. Sly uses him so well, fucking that ass and only pulling out to start pumping his thick load between those smooth ass cheeks. As the cum seeps down between his buttocks Jean Pierre can't hold back, wanking off to shoot his own heavy load out over the leather bench.