Rendezscrew (Jake Olsen, Oliver Morgenson)

Duration: 27:44 Views: 4.1K Submitted: 8 months ago Year: 2019
Description: Nothing needs to be said when long-haired boy Jake takes a seat next to handsome blond Oliver in the park. The app on their phones tells them all they need to know about the boy sitting next to them and with a little knowing smile they're heading off to find some privacy. As soon as they reach the bedroom their lips are meeting and the promise of some no-strings BoyFun is delivered on, their clothes quickly coming off to reveal smooth and tight torsos, and a very hard and long teen cock! Jake has one of the most impressive dicks of any boy in town, and one of the most delicious too, a fact young Oliver soon discovers when he sucks the glistening rod into his mouth for some loving attention. With precum on his tongue and his own cock growing quickly in his pants Oliver is soon revealing his own length for his adorable friend to gobble, an impressive length of hooded pink shaft eager to be licked. Both boys are so hard, equally endowed with handsome boners able to satisfy their hunger while they swap their inches and worship their new friend, but the temptation of a bareback ride is soon a new priority. Blond boy Oliver offers his tight little opening, kneeling on the bed with his perfectly smooth buns up in the air. Jake eases the tip of his swollen rod between them, pushing gently until the warm hole welcomes him inside, the velvety tunnel massaging his naked cock while he slowly pumps his wet dick in and out. Oliver loves it, but when he takes control and slides his pucker down for a ride on that juicy dong he's enjoying it even more. His own cock bounces and throbs with the pleasure his new friend is delivering inside, his balls churning and building up to the creamy splashing they both know is on the horizon. Spooned from behind and moaning with bliss Oliver strokes his cock, his foreskin slipping over the red tip of his dick, cum splashing from his pole to decorate his thigh. The convulsing of his naked chute around Jake's shaft inside him is quickly too much for the boy to withstand, sliding his turgid member free and moving north to give his handsome pal a gooey reward right in his face! It might have been a horny chance meeting thanks to an app, but it seems these boys will be swapping numbers for more cock-loving fun in the future.