Dante and Andy

Duration: 13:38 Views: 2.1K Submitted: 3 months ago Year: 2020
Description: We know you guys love watching hot guys getting fucked raw by Latino monster cocks. The story behind today’s new Amateur Action scene is interesting. Dante works out at a local gym where he likes to use the punching bag to relieve the stress. Previously he had noticed 21 year old Andy helping other guys working work out and discovered that he is a personal trainer. One day they were both working out and just happened to be the only guys in the gym. Dante approaches him about getting training lessons but explains that he doesn’t have a lot of money to pay him. Before even telling him the price Andy tells him not to worry and says, “I know how you can pay me.” He then grabs Dante’s big dick and starts sucking it. Just as they started fucking someone walked into the gym so they headed to a private place to continue this hot fuckfest.