Twinks Double Cum Facial

Duration: 12:50 Views: 6.1K Submitted: 12 months ago Year: 2020
Description: (Models Fabrice Rossi, Axel Berti, Aiden Bringas). Fabrice and Aiden arrive to find twink boy Axel conveniently naked and bound over the bench, a perfect position for a couple of horny tops to take full advantage of. The boy might struggle at first, but with some painful slaps of his naked ass with the paddle and the taste of Aiden's hard cock on his tongue he soon knows he needs to play along. He doesn't have much choice, of course, Fabrice is soon ramming his raw cock between his tender ass cheeks and using his fuckhole for his own pleasure. Aiden should know not to trust kinky dom Fabrice, when he gets his shot at that hot hole his friend is soon coming up behind him to fuck his ass too, sandwiching the boy between them. Axel wasn't expecting to find himself being freed to take a turn, but with his cock inside Aiden and Fabrice ramming him too he's soon in heaven. It seems Aiden was expecting the double cum facial from the duo, he's thirsty for it.