Alex Hofer & Adam Keller

Duration: 21:45 Views: 7.4K Submitted: 1 year ago Year: 2021
Description: Alex Hofer wakes up in a very horny mood and Adam Keller is still sleeping next to him. That's not going to stop Alex from admiring his new boyfriend. Alex pulls back the covers revealing Adam's tight, fit body and Adam begins to stir. He rolls his head over, smiles at Alex and Alex notices a little movement down in Adam's underwear. Alex pulls out Adam's uncut cock and sucks the whole thing down, working it with his tongue and throat. Adam slips out of his underwear making it easier for Alex to service his dick. Adam rolls Alex over on the bed, the underwear come off and after some more cock sucking Alex winds up on his back with his legs in the air. Adam begins teasing Alex's hole with his fingers, priming it for his thick piece of meat. Adam pushes slowly at first but a very willing Alex relaxes and Adam's cock slides all the way in. Adam immediately starts power-fucking Alex. From all the moaning coming out of Alex's mouth and the look on his face he must really be enjoying it. Adam bends Alex over onto all fours and continues the ass-pounding. Alex's hard cock bounces with every one of Adam's thrusts. Alex straddles Adam and sits down on his cock. Adam continues pounding from below as Alex starts feverishly jerking his cock. His balls all but disappear as he blows a thick load of juicy white cum all over his ripped abs. Adam pulls out, rolls Alex over and he finishes himself off, squirting his jizz all over Alex's freshly fucked hole.