Blowing Smoke

Duration: 28:56 Views: 5.9K Submitted: 1 year ago Year: 2019
Description: (Models Alexander Light, Oliver Morgenson). If you were taking a stroll through the city and you saw hot British boy Alexander Light hanging out on a bench you'd want to strike up a conversation too. Oliver Morgenson stops to finish his cigarette and with a few flirtatious smiles and a little lighthearted conversation about smoking being similar to sucking dick (it's not) Alexander has enticed the sexy young man back to his place for a little BoyFun. The kitchen is perhaps the perfect place to begin their feast, making out and stripping off clothing, Oliver's mouth soon on the tasty length of young dick being presented. With the first taste their hunger grows, the two young men swapping their boners while they pleasure each other, Oliver's tanned complexion a perfect contrast to Alexander's pale naked body. With the British boy's bare hole crying out for a naked cock to slide in deep Oliver delivers what he clearly needs, easing his bareback shaft between those smooth cheeks and penetrating him right there on the kitchen floor. It's not the most comfortable position to be in, but these boys don't care, the thrill of Oliver's long uncut cock easing in and out of Alexander's snug hole makes up for any awkwardness. Riding his friend and taking that cock on his back Alexander erupts an immense mess of twink cream over his smooth and toned body, a sight and sensation quickly taking his tanned buddy close to the line. With some final frantic pounding of his spent buddy's hole Oliver slides his bare cock out and strokes in his new friend's face, launching a hot gooey shower and giving Alexander a taste of his spooge.